One of the first fabrics we used to make our Artisan Workwear.

Long lasting, comfortable and easy to care for, our artisan workwear in denim will give you many years of fantastic wear.



Using wools from Marton Mills in Otley, West Yorkshire.

Made to order, The Master Crafter and The Shop Girl workwear is truly durable, stylish and stunning to wear.



There is nothing better than our Artisan Workwear in cotton.

Whether it is in moleskin to give you that extra layer of warmth in the winter, stripe and denim for durability or our smart cotton twill. They are all smart, comfortable and warm.

The Florist - Charcoal Linen


There is nothing quite like linen.

With beautiful drape, cool to wear and long lasting, it’s worth that little bit of extra care and our linen artisan workwear will give you many years of fantastic wear.


Designer Fabrics

 A joint project with Benjamin Partridge at The Owlery Prints  who is a product based printmaker and artist working with Lino and Screen Print media.

Ben creates textiles, ceramics, and paper products and prints using motifs and surface designs with just a touch of whimsy.