February has been a fairly busy time at The Stitch Society.

Firstly thank you to everyone who bought our project bags in the little sale we had and I hope you are enjoying using them. We make the bags in small batches from the left over fabric from the aprons. Based on our pocket design, the larger bags are designed to be able to fit full length knitting needles quite happily. We still have a few remaining in stock and will be making more in the future.

I was lucky enough to visit a school friend who has lived in Los Angeles for over 15 years in late February. It just happened to be the week before the Oscars and we took a trip to the FIDM (The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising) as there was an exhibition of the Oscar nominated costumes from a number of films. We managed to tag along with a tour of American ladies and it was a fascinating morning, if you ever get the chance I can recommend a trip.

Here, I am stood next to the fabulous costumes from Florence Foster Jenkins. Worn by Meryl Streep, the dresses included a “fat suit” underneath to pad out Meryl’s slight figure. The padding was weighted to give her the manner in which a larger lady would move. These costumes were designed by Consolata Boyle and were beautiful.

Live by Night costumes by Jacqueline West epitomise the 1920’s era of prohibition and glamour. The cream dress had black floral embroidery along the hem and the cut of the garments was inspirational.

These costumes are from the superhero film The Suicide Squad. They were designed by Kate Hawley and were amazing to see up close as the attention to detail in terms of how things were aged and worn was incredible.

Nocturnal Animals, directed by Tom Ford but not with costumes by him, they were deigned by Arianne Phillips. These bohemian costumes were aged and made to look “lived in” and were quite stunning.

I have saved the best until last, these were deigned by Colleen Attwood and won the Oscar for best costume and they were unbelievable. Her attention to detail and knowledge of how something could be translated onto a screen was incredible. Although the costumes looked simple, the edges of the suits, coats and hems all had a small trimming, which meant that when they move on screen the movement becomes more pronounced and highlights both the movement of the actor and the costumes. All this and the cut, colour and fabrics used made this my absolute favourite and I can see why she won the Oscar.

Finally, as Mother’s Day is coming at the end of this month, and all Mother’s deserve a treat on Mother’s Day, we are offering 20% our aprons in the 2 weeks coming up to Mother’s Day. To make sure your order arrives in time, our offer runs from Monday 6th March until Monday 20th and is available across all our aprons. Please enter the code MUM17 at the checkout,


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