Stitch Society at GNCCF 2017

Firstly, apologies for the blank post which went out earlier this week – I got sidetracked and forgot to finish the post before it was scheduled!

So, last weekend we were lucky enough to be exhibiting alongside other fabulous crafters and makers of all kinds at the Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair (GNCCF) in Manchester from Thursday to Sunday.

The show is in it’s 10th year and is amazingly well curated and organised thanks to Anne-Marie and Angela from Great Northern Events.

For those who couldn’t’t make it, here are some of the highlights for us. All the exhibitors and links can be seen on the GNCCF website – click here

Around our stand we had five jewellers, each with a different take on their craft. Bethan Eleri Jarvis at GNCCF 2017Bethan Jarvis Jewellery uses model railway animals and gates to make tiny animal studs which are so pretty.
Catherine Woodall at GNCCF 2017Catherine Woodall, with her engineering background produces finely balanced pieces which are incredibly pleasing to look at and stunning to wear.

Anna France at GNCCF 2017 Anna France’s Annakin Jewellery organic shapes were stunning – in particular her lariat necklaces which seemed to hang, perfectly balanced around her neck.

Caroline Draper at GNCCF 2017Caroline Draper’s jewellery has been inspired by years in India and the pieces inspired memories of the buildings and architecture in India. Each piece is handmade and her chains were so light and beautiful.

Tiki Brighton work in resin, making eye-catching designs in stunning colours – this year its pink and green, combined with black and cream to create stunning pieces.

TIKI Brighton, GNCCF 2017

Charlotte Whitmore at GNCCF 2017

Always a favourite of mine (and my namesake) Charlotte Whitmore’s pieces just draw me in every time. Simple in design they just make me want to buy the whole stand whenever I see her work!

There were a few textile artists that caught my eye, one was Prints and Press who uses paper to design her eye-catching prints, which look amazing on her cushionsPrints and Press at GNCCF 2017

The Owlery in Sheffield have been a favourite of mine for a while now – their prints are quirky and make me smile overtime I see their work. We are hoping to work together later this year on an apron collaboration.

Studio 2QQ make the most amazing lightweight scarves in gorgeous muted colours…

Scarves from Studio 2QQ at GNCCF 2017Heartfelt Dog’s stand made me smile evrytime I walked past. The attention to detail is amazing – so so so clever

Heartfelt Dogs at GNCCF 2017

Catherine Edwards Leather at GNCCF 2017 No post about the GNCCF would be complete without the lovely Cathy Edwards whose leather goods have been admired by myself and many others for years. Always happy to share her skills, knowledge and tea, Cathy is a delight to work with and I can recommend her leather bags …

That’s our little taster of the GNCCF 2017 – there are many many more wonderfully talented makers out there, so please use the site to spark your Christmas list, visit the makers websites, buy from the people who make because they love it, buy something handcrafted that may cost a little more but has been thought about, worked by hand and made with such care that it will last you a lifetime and bring you much pleasure.

This Christmas, buy local, buy handmade and support those who dare do something different…

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