Working for yourself and running your own business can be the most exhilarating experience but also the most soul destroying as well. January and February are always slow months for us, where we plan for the next 12 months, get all our paperwork in order, think about what we would like to do, and then decide what we can do.

March is normally when the year kicks off, slowly lifting sales and everything starts to look rosy, April brought Easter and for us, some downtime after a maelstrom of losing our stock during the snowy depths of early March. This was one of our darkest moments at The Stitch Society but sometimes you need to pull yourself up from your bootstraps and move on, which is what we are doing. We have remade the aprons, relabelling is being done, we have a number of hugely exciting collaborations in the pipeline and we are still here.

Sometimes the leap of faith comes not from a positive moment but just from keeping going, working through and holding on to the good. This experience, although something I wouldn’t wish on our worst competitor, has made us leaner, more focused and more determined.

The greatest gift for us during March was #marchmeetthemaker on Instagram for which one of the days was #workwear. It was amazing to see our aprons popping up during the day and gave us all a real boost.

So if you’re out there, running your own business or just struggling a little with everything that goes on in your life, always know that however bleak things look at the moment, there will be someone out there who is your champion. Stay true to yourself and always be kind to others. I smiled through gritted teeth in March, but I smiled, kept smiling and will keep smiling. I’m blessed and even though last month was a bit pants, alright it was really, really, really pants, we are still here, selling our fabulous aprons, to our fabulous customers.

A HUGE thank you to everyone who has bought our aprons, posted about us, liked our posts, talked to us at shows and followed our path here. All the little things add up in the end …


Photos: Amy Thomas Ceramics

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