The Stitch Society Linda Apron Pattern Pack

After many, many requests for the pattern of our apron, we have finally launched our Linda* apron pattern for all you sewing addicts out there.

The design is simple with no fastenings and includes our patented superb pocket design, french seamed side seams for a beautiful finish and our label can be added to your order for an extra £2, if you want the complete Stitch Society* look.

Linda has been tested by sewing experts to ensure that our instructions are easy to follow and clear. Linda is available on our website for £12.00 and comes in a lovely envelope.

Please CLICK HERE  to order Linda and we would love to see any pics of you wearing your apron, tag thestitchsociety on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or Twitter to win a bag of Stitch Society* goodies, the winner will be announced at the beginning of September, so you have all summer to make your apron and post your pic!

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