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Happy New Year! A little late I know but it has taken a while to get back to normality this year – the school holidays seemed go on forever, but you have to grateful for time to reflect, and there was plenty of time for that.

Last year was an amazing one for us at The Stitch Society and we hope to bring you even more exciting products, new ideas and share as much as we can with you as we go along the way.

One of the most enjoyable part of our work last year was meeting so many lovely people, whether they were fellow makers, customers or new businesses wanting a little bit of advice.

One of the key parts of this year is working with the Design Trust using their Dream, Plan, Do scheme which we have started using before but we are determined to continue through to the end of the year and have promised a HUGE treat if we achieve it. The scheme sets goals, targets and really makes you think about your business, where you are going and what you want to achieve – well worth looking into.

With the January Blues, dark mornings and evenings combined with a slowing down of the sales, comes time for reflection. It is a time when we can pause, take stock of the last twelve months and look backwards and forwards, planning our next moves, products and sketching out the ideas that have been circulating in heads for a while. Last year, January was a hard month, where sales fell off and panic set in. This January, we knew that the month would be slow, planned for it and have been working our way through a list of “would like to..” and “need to…” as well as having a good session developing new patterns and products. Instead of being a month tearing our hair out, it has been welcome relief after the mania that was December and a joy to look forward and plan for the rest of the year.

Our word for the year is GENEROSITY, in all that we do. In spirit, time, knowledge and kindness, most of all kindness – there’s not enough in the world. So take a few moments to compliment a stranger on their hair, to give someone a little gem of your wisdom or to just sit with someone that extra few minutes to show them how much they mean to you. It will make all the difference to them and to you.


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