Welcome to the Pocket Book from The Stitch Society for the 29th November, packed full of warming ideas for the chilly days of November.

  • Cleanse



There has been a great deal of coverage of Marie Kondo and her methods of storage. In an article from the wonderful Hole and Corner blog entitled Zen and the Art of Sock Drawer Maintenance, Sheryl Garratt discovers that the path to enlightenment begins with tidying your room..


  • Exhibition



Kate Spragg’s stunning clay wildflowers, Lambeth Wilds, are on permanent display the the Garden Museum in London. She explores how wildflowers grow through cracks in paving and in this article in Crafts Magazine, she explains how the seeds for the piece were planted.



  • Colour

Having been a fan of Trinny Woodall for a while now, this piece about colour is great. I’m not a huge wearer of colour but this makes you think about what you wear and maybe try experimenting a little. Trinny spent years making over women and educating them on the colours that will suit them. Being more confident with colour all starts with knowing if you are cool, mid, or warm toned. Once you understand the colour family you sit in, you can really start to play with colour and have a lot of fun with your wardrobe, which is what dressing is all about. This Closet Confessions is an education on the style process and how Trinny creates her outfits, so if you’re looking at how you can stop wearing black and start celebrating colour, read on … Click HERE


  • Special Offer



This is not a Black Friday deal but we are opening our studio up this weekend and offering 20% off all our full price workwear in the studio. We thought it was a little unfair if you can’t get to the Open Studio, so if please feel free to use the code OPEN this weekend only to get 20% all our workwear.





  • Quote

Finally, a quote that comes from the heart.

“Life gives to the givers and takes from the takers.” — Jim Rohn

Always be generous with whatever you can give. Generosity is hugely undervalued.


We hope you enjoyed the Pocket Book for the 29th November, we will be back next week with more snippets.

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