Welcome to the Stitch Society Pocket Book for 4th October, full of little bits of info to keep you amused over the weekend.

  • Cook



As the evenings are drawing in now, The Guardian have a 20 best easy autumn recipes: parts 1 to 4. Full of warming recipes to eat with loved ones.





  • Put A Sock In It

The Textile Research Centre (TRC) in Leiden, the Netherlands, is celebrating the humble hand-knitted sock. Socks & Stockings, A World Full of Surprises, looks at the stories behind this most unassuming of garments. With examples of hand knitted socks from around the world, showing different techniques, patterns and colour combinations, the exhibition includes silk stockings found in a mid-seventeenth century shipwreck.

The exhibition is until 19th December 2019.


  • Wear It Well


Having spent a few days this week lusting after a Burberry trench coat that was on the UK Fashion and Textiles Association stand we were on, The Guardian handily came up with this piece on the 10 best trench coats around.






  • Finally

This time next week we will be set up and meeting customers old and new at the Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair in Upper Campfield Market, off Deansgate in Manchester. It starts on Friday and goes through until Sunday afternoon. This is one of our favourite shows, wonderfully curated, with all the best makers and artists from across the UK. Well worth a visit and if you are coming, pop along and say hello.


That’s all from our Pocket Book for the 4th October, hope you’ve enjoyed it and have a lovely weekend.

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