Our Pocket Book for August 23rd is full of bits and pieces that have caught our eye this week that we thought might amuse or delight you….  

  • Visit

Firstly a quick reminder that the Useful/Beautiful exhibition at Harewood House finishes on the 1st September (next weekend) so don’t miss this opportunity to see their fabulous exploration of modern craft. Why is it important and why does it matter today.




  • Reuse



Make It British have collated 10 ways to swap single use plastic for UK-made reusable products. They have some brilliantly designed British-made products that can replace the plastic disposable items you use daily. So here are some ideas to get you started on swapping out your single use plastic items for reusable products made in the UK. Find out what they are here.



  • Reduce



Minimising possessions and streamlining home life has become the new Marie Kondo-driven craze. But how can this translate into your work life? Find out from Laura Gayle Founder of www.BusinessWomanGuide.org, the 12 ways Marie Kondo style minimalism can streamline your work life.





  • Wear


The Guardian have been looking at slow fashion and how to keep your favourite clothes for ever. Extending the life of your wardrobe is good for the planet and your finances. Experts give their tips on how to make your outfits last as long as possible – from laundering to moth-proofing. All the details are given HERE.




  • Read




Happy birthday to Adidas who have turned 70. Read the sportswear giant’s journey to global success HERE.





  • Change


An interesting article on how to change your thinking and reactions to being upset by  breaking the negative thought loop? The problem isn’t getting upset about stuff, it’s  staying upset.







We hope you enjoyed our Pocket Book for August 23rd. Have a great Bank Holiday Weekend.

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