Welcome the our Pocket Book for this week, September 13th, full of little bits of info to keep you amused over the weekend.

  • Makers Fair

The Saltaire Makers Fair takes place this Sat 14 & Sun 15 September 2019 as part of Saltaire Festival.

The Fair promotes the best independent artists, makers and designers from across the UK, who will be displaying and selling their contemporary and original creations. The Fair showcases new designs in a variety of disciplines. With over 45 makers across two rooms, there is sure to be something to delight and appeal to every taste.


  • Fashion



Including sustainable womenswear brand Reformation finally gets its UK debut. Wrangler gives us iconic jeans and Alexandre Mattiussi of Ami takes on womenswear.




  • Art

Since 2014, for her series Second Hand, Ukrainian artist Zhanna Kadyrova has been exploring “the history of buildings that have changed ownership and function” by making visual analogies with recycled clothing, in a former silk factory in Kyiv, for example, or an abandoned bus station near Chernobyl.

The results, including those exhibited at the Venice Biennale this year, encourage viewers to see old buildings and castoffs in a striking new light. See more images HERE.





  • Really Slow Fashion


McNair Shirts from Slaithwaite, Yorkshire are excited to be collaborating with the Colne Valley Museum in Huddersfield to produce a new cloth. The museum is housed in four cottages built in the 1850s by a family of independent cloth manufacturers. The old weaving cottages in Golcar show how our ancestors once lived and made a living producing cloth pre-industrialisation.




  • Watch


Mary Portas: On Style – the new Radio 4 series where style meets substance. Ever thought judging something by its appearance was shallow? Prepare to have that thought challenged by style doyenne Mary Portas as she takes the helm of a new series on Radio 4.





We hope you enjoy our Pocket Book for September 13th. Have a good weekend and please let us know if there is anything you would like to be included.

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