Small Face Masks

Specially designed to fit a smaller face, our smaller face masks are handmade from repurposed fabric from our artisan workwear, vintage fabrics and Liberty prints. With a double layer of fabric, our masks are shaped with a centre seam to fit snuggly around the face with adjustable ties in variety of colour ways.

After extensive research into mask designs, we found this design proved the best and most comfortable fit.

Measuring 12cm high and 22cm across, are light, breathable and gentle on your skin. The masks act as a physical barrier to catch coughs and sneezes preventing the spread of germs and help to reduce hand to face contact.

Our cotton and linen non surgical masks are machine washable at up to 60 degrees, wool at 40 degrees. The masks are durable and the coloured, removable ties allow the mask to fit snugly by pulling gently to fit and tying. Extra ties can be purchased separately.

See also our Extra Mask Ties and Large Face Masks.

With each mask we are donating a percentage of the profits to NHS Charities Together.