Thread is a new idea from The Stitch Society. We are always interested in what is going on in a number of different areas. So we thought we would share our findings in our all new Thread with those who have signed up to our mailing list. We hope you will find the pieces or threads interesting too.

We are aiming to send out our pickings every week so please let us know your thoughts about what we are sending. Please tell us of any new pieces or tell us what you liked and disliked . Each Thread will have about four or five different snippets for you. We will also feature other artists and makers in our “As Worn By… ” section as well. The first of these will be coming next week.

Please click on the highlighted orange text on each section to take you to the full piece.


Discover your Creative Type with Adobe…


The Craft Council have curated this list of exhibitions to see this May


and Harewood House asks Does Craft Matter?

with their exhibition of Beautiful and Useful …

linking to the celebration this year of John Ruskin’s birth 200 years ago.

We hope you enjoyed our mix of what caught our eye this week.

Next weekend is the Bank Holiday and we will be at the Saltaire Makers Fair at Victoria Hall on Saturday 25th May through and including Monday 27th May, please come and say hello if you are visiting. Have a great week.


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