Perfect gifts for sewing enthusiasts and fabric hoarders, our unique dressmakers prints, designed by Hannah Turlington are inspired by our collection of vintage haberdashery and can be bought as prints, bags and tea towels.

Hannah Turlington Cotton Reel Print


Dressmakers Print

Available framed and unframed.

From £15.

Our Dressmakers Prints are three different unique prints commissioned by The Stitch Society from Hannah Turlington .  Perfect for the dressmaker, sewing enthusiast or general maker, Hannah’s prints are hand carved from our collection of vintage haberdashery and capture the essence of the dressmakers essential tools.

Taking inspiration from the beauty of the North Yorkshire countryside, people, places, history and humour of Yorkshire, Hannah creates art that is fun, playful and a vision to behold. With her quirky and inspiring designs, she produces individual designs that make you smile. 

Hannah’s obsession with print and surface pattern design is something that is quite primal and has always had the ability to visualise what the end result will be.

Always making ‘artist’s proofs’ and then only prints in very short print runs, maximum of 10 currently, allows her to constantly be evolving and renewing her work.

Hannah’s current work is focusing on surface pattern design in the form of wallpaper and fabric, and she has recently completed commissioned wallpaper for homes. She believes that art and surface pattern design should be a part of everyday life and aims to work with larger companies to create bespoke home wares and furnishings.

She has worked for ‘PBS International’ who deal with pollen bags for crops internationally, for their company calendar and marketing material. It has been a marriage of science and surface pattern design that has created phenomenal results that are incredibly striking.