Our Gardening Workwear is simple, stylish and durable. Perfectly designed for working in the garden, we have workwear to suit all tasks from light pruning to double digging.

The Denim Gardening Workwear Smock

The Gardening Smock

Stylishly designed for a ladies frame with a stand up collar, loosely fitted in hardwearing fabrics with bracelet length sleeves and useful pocket. Designed and made in Yorkshire with our 10 Year Guarantee against wear and tear and free UK delivery.

The Gardener Artisan Workwear Apron

Gardening Aprons

Perfect gardening aprons, The Gardener and The Florist have been specifically designed to suit the tasks required for gardening and floristry.

Available in a range of hardwearing fabrics with details for comfort and versatility, they make your days work easier, more comfortable and definitely more stylish.


The Gardening Hoodie

Warm with a touch of style. The Gardening Hoodie will keep you warm and stylish with it’s practical pockets, warm hood and durable fabrics.

What to Wear For Gardening

As gardening usually requires whole body movement, for digging, hoeing, and raking, general advice is to wear clothes that don’t bind such as loose-fitting pants or shorts with a roomy shirt, or the waistless comfort of a gardening apron.

Longer, more elegant garden aprons with large pockets easily provide comfort while doing daily garden maintenance, including dead-heading flowers, weeding, and bud picking.

Choosing  natural fabrics such as cotton and linen over synthetic alternatives allows the  clothes to “breathe” and wick moisture away from skin, providing the coolest option.

Denim and other durable cotton fabrics also keep external dampness and dirt away from the skin.

Finally, a long-sleeved over shirt makes a smart addition to the garden wardrobe even on the hottest days when you’re working among the brambles. The added arm coverage protects skin from thorns, poison ivy, sunburn, and—to a degree—bugs.