Linen is one of our favourite fabrics for aprons and there is nothing quite like it, with beautiful drape, cool to wear and long lasting, it’s worth that little bit of extra care that linen requires. Our stylish linen aprons will provide you with many years of fantastic stylish wear.

Made to last in our studio in Yorkshire and available in a range of colours and styles – take your pick and choose your favourite.


We love linen fabric for aprons due to its natural beauty and cooling properties and it’s a natural fibre that’s eco-friendly. Made from the fibres found in the stem of the flax plant – it’s a totally natural, biodegradable material and requires no fertilisers or pesticides and far less water to grow than other plants such as cotton – making it one of the most eco-friendly fabrics around. There is also no wastage because every part of the flax plant can be used, so you can be sure you’re minimising your impact on the environment with your linen apron.

Linen fabric is naturally breathable with temperature regulating properties, making it suitable even in the coldest of seasons. It allows the body to breathe throughout the summer, and in winter, it retains the heat and prevents the body from freezing.

Breathable, hardwearing and sustainable, it is an incredibly versatile fabric and is inherently strong, and when looked after, good quality linen material will last for years and years without wearing out and actually gets better with age!

Linen fabric is naturally antistatic, so it is relatively easy to look after and keep clean, is washable and becomes softer the more it is washed

Linen is famous for its antibacterial properties, naturally absorbing moisture without holding bacteria, meaning that it’ll keep your apron feeling fresher for longer.