Making your Products

Sampling And Small Batch Production

At The Stitch Society we work with customers to provide sampling and production of small runs of high quality sewn products.

 We work with designers and small brands, who know we will listen, understand, and advise to help take their idea from the drawing board into a tangible product.

Whether you are a print designer wanting to work in textiles or a larger company looking to outsource small batches of work, our attention to detail and quality remains the same.

We enjoy a challenge. Often working with the client to develop an idea and make it happen. We take the time to sample correctly, can source materials if required and research techniques, processes, and materials for customers. We can be involved from the development and sampling stage through to final production, providing your business with solutions to help your business flourish.

We work with a range of different customers from large heavy duty products through to small jewellery cases. Every customer is treated with equal importance and each product produced to the same high quality.

“Charlotte and her team ensured that we were communicated with and informed throughout the process and their workmanship was of the highest quality. They worked hard to meet our deadlines and it was a pleasure to work with Charlotte and her team.”

The Process

Starting with an idea, or concept, we try to make it as simple as possible to develop ideas into real products, helping with sourcing and advising on processes for production.

We are not a huge factory, but a small workshop with no minimum quantity, working closely with our customers to ensure that their requirements are understood from the start. 

We plan our production in advance but if a customer requires a quick turnaround, we will do our best to facilitate and deliver. Please ask for our current lead time for products as these vary depending on the product, numbers and our production schedule.

With over 50 years of sewing knowledge and production experience in our team, we can advise on the best methods to achieve your ideas and how to minimise costs in production. 

Before production begins, we will determine an idea of cost, our lead time, and our capacity for the production. We will talk through any technical issues, production processes and construction, and research any notions and materials required for approval. By asking questions at this stage, we hope to reduce the time required making amendments in production.

Before we provide a final costing, we provide a production sample with full costing for customer approval. This alleviates any communication issues and ensures that all parties are happy with the methods, materials and costs involved in the project.

Throughout the process, changes may need to be made to the pattern, construction, or materials, to ensure the project meets expectations. We keep in contact with all our customers during the process, ensuring that they are aware of any issues, how we are addressing them and any impact on costing and timings.

Once the project is complete, we deliver as discussed with the customer, and will review, discuss, and note any improvements that can be made for any future work.

We are happy to provide a free quotation for any work or to meet to discuss your needs in our studio in Yorkshire or virtually. We can also provide references from existing customers if required and our Partnerships page shows you some of the artists and makers we have worked with over the years.

Please get in touch to discuss your ideas and how we can help by either by calling us on 01274 809300 or by filling out the form below and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Sampling and Production Enquiry