We know that sizing can be a difficult issue when buying online so to help you find the right size clothes we have put together an easy-to-use size guide below. If you have any other questions about the sizes of our clothes, feel free to call on 01274 809300 and we can help you find the right size for you.


How to measure

  • BUST –  To measure your bust, lift your arms and measure across the fullest part of your bust.
  • WAIST – To find your natural waistline, tie something around your waist where it feels most comfortable, this is your natural waist.
  • HIP – Measure around the fullest part of your bottom at the top of your leg.

For advice on which of our aprons will suit and what to look out for, please see our guide after the sizing chart.



Sizing Chart

Which Apron?

When choosing our aprons, the following will help you choose the ideal aprons for you.

  • Are you looking for a full length or shorter apron? Will you be bending down and kneeling? Will a longer apron get in the way?
  • Do you need full coverage? Does it need to cover your knees – such as throwing on a potters wheel?
  • For ladies with a larger bust we would recommend The Gardener or The Potter aprons. These aprons have thinner straps and are more flattering for ladies with a larger bust.
  • For petite ladies, The Florist in a small or medium size if the best option as it is designed with a narrower strap width and will remain on your shoulders.
  • The Gardener is our best, unisex apron and a good all rounder
  • The Original is a more feminine apron with a full, crossover back.
  • The Florist is a shorter version of The Original.
  • The Potter is our cross over apron but with webbing straps and a split up the front. It offers from our other aprons and is more functional.

All our aprons have a repair guarantee and we would expect them to last at least 5 years without needing repair. We will always advise on mending and any laundering issues that you may have.